Charter Oaks, Pennsylvania Divorce Attorneys

The decision to go forward with your divorce is never an easy one. However, divorce in Charter Oaks, Pennsylvania, the legal process does not have to be nearly as difficult as traditional divorce. There is a method available for a mutual consent divorce in Charter Oaks (and the rest of Pennsylvania) when both spouses are in agreement about being divorced and are willing to settle other issues on their own. A mutual consent divorce is generally cheaper, shorter, and easier than any other type of divorce in Pennsylvania.


What is Uncontested Divorce?

In Charter Oaks, a divorce where everyone is in agreement may be called a collaborative divorce, mutual consent divorce, or uncontested divorce. Sometimes it is also called a type “c divorce” because of the section of the law that allows this simpler type of divorce.

A mutual consent divorce is a cheaper divorce process – instead of paying thousands of dollars to a traditional law firm, you generally only pay a few hundred dollars to a firm specializing in uncontested divorce. The process is usually faster as well, as there’s no need to schedule court dates (or ever go to court or your lawyers office) if you’re both in agreement.


Uncontested Divorce Requirements

You must meet the following requirements to file a mutual consent divorce in Charter Oaks, Pennsylvania:

1. Meet the residency requirements, with one of the spouses residing in the state for the last 6 months
2. The marriage is irretrievably broken
3. Both spouses agree to the divorce
4. Both spouses are willing to sign an affidavit stating consent for the divorce

Ninety days after the initial divorce papers are filed, each spouse will sign a written declaration (in the form of an affidavit) stating that each consents to the divorce. After the court receives these affidavits, along with other documents, the court will then grant a divorce. No trip to the Erie County courthouse is required.

It doesn’t matter whether you and your spouse have children together in determining if you can get a mutual consent divorce in Charter Oaks. You may work out your child custody and child support issues before filing for divorce on your own, or you can handle these issues later. Only your financial issues must be resolved before filing for divorce. You cannot make any financial claims after your divorce.


Uncontested Divorce Process

While you’re able to handle a mutual consent divorce on your own, it’s recommended you still go through a lawyer. The reason being, it can often be cheaper. Take Philadelphia for instance. The court fees alone are $395.21, and you’re going to have to spend another $100+ for a kit with the paperwork you need (the forms on court websites are notoriously inaccurate). For a little over $200, you could get a complete divorce with the help of a lawyer with court costs included. How are they able to do this? With the consent of both spouses, they can file the divorce in a place like Cameron or Potter county where fees are lower. 

If you and your spouse are not in agreement we suggest you speak to a local law firm.


Suggested Charter Oaks Attorneys

Below is a list of lawyers who handle mutual consent divorces in Erie County.

Attorney Michael E Davis


Description: Divorce doesn’t have to be expensive. Get started for as little as $25, and complete your divorce for only $219 (including filing costs) with a simple, uncontested Pennsylvania divorce.

JB Martin Law


Description: The Martin Law Firm is a trusted source of effective and efficient legal representation for individuals, families and businesses in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Smith & Horwitz


Description: At the Law Office of Smith & Horwitz, our attorneys have extensive experience handling uncontested divorces for clients throughout Philadelphia and surrounding areas.


23 Pa. C.S.A. Sec. 3301

Location: Charter Oaks, Pennsylvania, United States

County: Erie County

Coordinates: 42.08839, -80.13756

Nearby Major Cities: Erie, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Philadelphia

All Nearby Cities: Highland Park, Westminster, Eaglehurst, Erie Heights, Dock Junction, West Millcreek, Lakewood, Glenruadh, Chestnut Hill, Asbury

County Court Costs

In Pennsylvania, court costs are determined by which county you get divorced in. With the help of a lawyer, if both parties consent you can get a divorce in any county in Pennsylvania.

Charter Oaks is in Erie County.


Adams County $197.00
Allegheny County $206.00
Armstrong County $150.50
Beaver County $150.00
Bedford County $168.50
Berks County $342.50
Blair County $142.00
Bradford County $229.00
Bucks County $363.75
Butler County $184.50
Cambria County $108.50
Cameron County $95.00
Carbon County $198.60
Centre County $183.50
Chester County $209.50
Clarion County $161.00
Clearfield County $185.50
Clinton County $150.00
Columbia County $180.00
Crawford County $195.50
Cumberland County $375.75
Dauphin County $332.25
Delaware County $311.00
Elk County $162.00
Erie County $221.00
Fayette County $126.50
Forest County $111.00
Franklin County $158.00
Fulton County $205.50
Greene County $145.00
Huntingdon County $123.50
Indiana County $130.00
Jefferson County $199.00
Juniata County $157.50
Lackawanna County $168.00
Lancaster County $216.00
Lawrence County $172.50
Lebanon County $187.00
Lehigh County $288.50
Luzerne County $215.50
Lycoming County $242.00
McKean County $156.00
Mercer County $147.00
Mifflin County $168.50
Monroe County $200.00
Montgomery County $332.50
Montour County $130.00
Northampton County $182.50
Northumberland County $199.00
Perry County $131.50
Philadelphia County $395.21
Pike County $153.00
Potter County $94.00
Schuylkill County $166.00
Snyder County $168.00
Somerset County $110.50
Sullivan County $166.00
Susquehanna County $139.50
Tioga County $170.00
Union County $180.25
Venango County $132.00
Warren County $133.50
Washington County $200.00
Wayne County $140.50
Westmoreland County $181.40
Wyoming County $166.00
York County $300.00